A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas



Oh this book and how it made me feel the feels... Second books in a series usually don't live up to predecessors but this one whopped ACOTAR book behind and showed it the door. I agree with many readers that ACOMAF is way better than ACOTAR by miles.


This book starts off three months after Under the Mountain and Tamlin and Feyre are supposedly having HEA which they are not. Tamlin "locked" Feyre away in bird cage never to be set free except for when Rhysand (who makes everybody hot in the pants) shows up every month for just one week with her. 

Wedding are being rung and Feyre is kinda getting cold feet and Rhys shows up saves the day like Dark Knight in Ilyrian Armor. Whisks her to The Court of Nightmares and then on to Velaris.

Now if you know me you know I love romance and sexy times in books. This book NEW ADULT  so be it will be of mature content and honey it so is!!!

The Court of Nightmare scene in 400 pages oh sweet babies that was good! Made this fangirl blush all the way through.

"I dragged a hand down his thigh, feeling the hidden warrior's strength there. Dragged it back up again in a long, idle stroke, needing to touch him, feel him."

"I faced forward, and Rhys dragged his mouth along the back of my neck, right over my spine, just as I shifted against the hardness pushing into me, insistent and dominating. Precisely as his hand slid a bit too high on my inner thigh."

Now you understand why I didn't read this book in public. I'll read a Gline's and Crownover's book in pubic because I pho' sho' know what's going to happen and it'll be extra steam but, with books like these that borderline on those books you don't expect much vivid details.

This last half will be about that ending. OMG WHY!!! I CAN'T WAIT THIS LONG FOR THE THIRD BOOK!!! The whole book was amazing but from 400 to the last pages were phenomenal. Rhys circle is badass and going to Hybern to get the Cauldron but it didn't end that way at all. Feyre finds her sisters there because bitch Ianthe told Hybern where find them and Tamlin crazy stupid pants there because King of Hybern promised him he'd get Feyre back even though she is the true mate of Rhysand my man, 

Not spoil anymore but, Elain (Feyre sister) is Lucien's true mate (because she and Nesta got a quick tip in the Cauldron and became faerie immortals), Feyre back at Spring Court, but her and Rhys didn't have the true mate bond broken just the bond they made Under the Mountain and she is the High Lady of the Night Court! BAM SHAM *explosions going off*.

Keep Rhys Circle in your prayers and hope nothing bad happens to them book three *crosses self*. 


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