Dear Professor by Blaire Drake


When I read the blurb for this book I was kinda puzzled by the "Have you ever thought it’s wrong that you watched me fuck another guy on camera for months?" That part is what pulled me into wanting to read this book. I kept wandering how hell did that work at then it was all explained.

Dalton Cam Girls.

It where these girls from this particular dorm have make live web cam porn. I don't know what else to call it. And our dear Professor has been watching her for a long time. 

Darcy asks him for a letter recommendation, and it also gives him the perfect opportunity to take what he wants. He agree's to write the letter...but only if Darcy becomes his for the rest of the school year.  

This book was pretty good in the beginning and kept my attention until we hit the 75% mark in the book. It was mainly for characters and how I really didn't connection and mostly because Professor Keaton is an asshole. He lost his stride the further I got into the book. The reading experience went down from there.

I would like other stories for the other Dalton Cam Girls Bella and Lauren (sorry if that's the wrong name). And more from this author. Her debut was very intense and sexy.

3.5 stars


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