Winner's Crime by Marie Rutkoski

The Winner’s Crime: review

Rutkoski you cruel, cruel mistress! What you've done to poor Kestrel and Arin... My heart is broken for one of my favorite ships. 

When reading most second books to a series I usually get the tread B2S. If you don't know what means it is that feeling of nothing getting fulfilled except for filler dump of nothingness bewteen book one and book three. But I didn't get that at all with book. I think I enjoyed this one better than the first one. Rutkoski makes words come off the pages and draws pictures in mind (and daggers in our heart...) with beautiful prose's and descriptive details of this high fantasy land, 


Kestrel and Arin. Romeo and Juliet. Ariel and Eric. Chocolate Milkshake and French Fries. Divided by families and judgement they still try to be together. I love Kestrel and Arin together, I will forever ship the ship. Even if one of them gets shipped to Tath work camps because she thought she could trust somebody. BUT MY HEART!!! You sent our poor little "moth" away and I can't handle it!!!

Kestrel in this book is wonderful. No more worrying over romance or high society living but, becoming the Shikamaru* I knew she could be. Her planning and plotting to beat the emperor at his game is brilliantly played out in this book. Rutkoski brought out a side of Kestrel I wished I could see in more YA heroines and protagonists.  It gave me a kinda of new respect for Kestrel.



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