Until Friday Night by Abbi Glines


I'm usually in love with all of Abbi's books and have read most of them (except for Existence Trilogy. I don't enjoy alien books). But this one was just meh...

  Until Friday Night by Abbi Glines:

In typical Gline's trope popular and/or rich boy meets unusual new girl (unlike the other girls they've been around). They guy is usually a "Sex God" and has had his way with many of the girls around him then later does "bang bang and slut shame". I think I would've liked this book better if there wasn't so much shaming of girls who have sex also and aren't referred to as "sluts". 

I really don't like West as a character. I thought him arrogant, sexist, and most of the time a douche canoe. How he used the girls around him (even though I didn't like them either) was in bad taste. The girls excepted it too! What the f**k!?

But I enjoyed Maggie's character very much. Soft spoken and kind she was a well thought out character. She not as brash as many of Abbi's female POV's(Blaire and Jessie) or has such an innocent mind (Della and Harlow). But her storyline felt cut off at the end. I wanted more from her past an herself personally. She just seems to be West anchor.

Until Friday Night by Abbi Glines

But I will always read Mrs. Glines books. To the typical trope to the hot smexyness of her NA reads. Can't wait for Nash's book!!! He's probably my favorite character from this book besides Maggie of course.

3.5 stars


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