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TOGETHER WE HEAL by Chelsea M. Cameron
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“Trish sat on her bed, chewing her lip and staring off into space. This was one of those times when I had to decide whether asking her to talk to me would be a good idea or a bad idea. You never knew with Trish.
“Trish?” I said, sitting down next to her and putting my arm around her. She was fine with me touching her in public, but she could get weird about it when we were alone.
She flinched a little but didn’t shift away. Finally she turned to look at me.
“What?” she snapped.
“You seem really upset and I want to talk to you about it,” I said in a slow voice.
“I’m not upset,” she said in a tone that didn’t convince me. “I’m just tired. I’m so tired.” She softened and leaned on my shoulder.
“I know, hun,” I said, stroking her shoulder. Sighing, she put her arms around my waist.
“Why do you bother with me, Max?” she said in a low voice.
“Because you’re one of a kind, Trishella Grant,” I said. Using her full name earned me a pinch on my side.
“Don’t make me regret that I told you my real name,” she said, looking up at me. Her eyes were wide and vulnerable. It was rare to see her like this and I wanted to hold onto this moment. I stroked her cheek with my other hand and placed a kiss on her forehead.
“Your secret is safe with me, sweets.”

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