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“Thank ye for going with me.” I turned toward him once I was in my seat. I was feeling all kinds of happiness which was new for me. Before I knew it, I was leaning over and kissing Wolfe on his bearded cheek. I felt the shock in his body, but he didn’t flinch. As soon as I was back in my seat, I couldn’t stop grinning. I saw him move out of the corner of my eye. He ran his hands over his face before he spoke. His voice was low and hoarse. His accent was a little bit thicker.
“Aye, it was mah pleasure,” he paused and I looked over to see his honey eyes staring deep into me. I should not have kissed his cheek. From the look of him, it looked like I lit a fire inside him.
“So, ready to head back?” My poor attempt to calm the rising awareness between us.
“Aye, let’s git ye back before ye turn into a pumpkin.” His lips turned up into a beautiful, king of asshole smirk. My eyes rolled and I turned back in my seat to buckle myself in. Wolfe turned on the old radio and we listened to music the whole way back. They all sounded like music from other generations. Nothing new. Wolfe would sing along to some and I would find myself drawn to watch him. His voice was alluring. It demanded your attention, even when he wasn’t trying.
“When are you going to sing again at the pub?” I was curious.
“So, eager tae hear me sing, huh?” he teased. I shrugged, trying to show my indifference.
“I was just wondering.”

“Ah see, so it has nothing tae do with ye craving my singing? Ye lie awake at night wishing Ah was there to sing ye to sleep.” Oh boy, he was a riot.
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