Sorceress by Claudia Gray

Sorceress (Spellcaster, #3)
This is probably my favorite installment of the Spellcaster Trilogy. It still follows our main cast of characters: Nadia, Mateo, and Verlaine(home-girl!). 

My favorite things from the were (I should say who): Verlaine. I sometimes wished that Verlaine was our main character; vintage style, journalist, and dating a demon named Asa. I just enjoyed her so much more than Nadia. I enjoyed her but I loved Verlaine. Please Ms. Gray write a novella about our silver haired honey!

Now on to the sorceress that has been making my heart rip to shreds and me wanting to rip out her hair: Elizabeth Pike. She reminds me very much of Cersei Lannister. Because my dislike can only be compared  to both her and Cersei. They both have made main characters lose there shit and want to murder them. Elizabeth has one thing going for her. A good, well develop, villain. Some villains you feel compassion. Not her. Maybe if I read her novella, I might a twinge for her but, probably not. So happy when burst into 400 year old dead dust.
Meliqa Vaesh - Keturan sorceress in training, one of the most powerful ever seen in her order. (Introduced in Book 2, A Traitor's Prayer.)

After Thoughts: Ending was kinda fast and to obvious for me. But so so so happy Asa and Verlaine are together.
3 stars & 3.5 stars for Trilogy


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