When I'm Gone by Abbi Glines

Oh this book was so, so good! I'll always read one of Mrs. Glines books if I'm in a reading rut. There just the best things to read if your trying to get the ole' brain a workin' again.

Onto Mr. Colt-Manning. Sweet baby Jesus he's such sweet sexy guy. Like salted caramel he is.
WHEN I’M GONE by Abbi Glines
There is sweet side where he'll take care of anything for you and he likes to help fix people. He doesn't see Reese like that. He see's as, that she needs someone in her life that truly wants to be there for her. Over all the horrible things tat have happened to that poor girl. When I read the sneak peak in You Were Mine (Tripp & Bethy book) I was very close to tears. I felt and am still feeling so very sorry for her.
When I'm Gone by Abbi Glines

But then there is that side where, whatever he says he makes you blush ten shades of red. Like "wow, wow  wow wow wow." I did blush a little reading how fascinated about a freckle under a certain someones butt cheek.
 When I'm Gone by Abbi Glines

I recommend this to anyone who loves the Rosemary Beach series or any of the other books Mrs. Glines has written.


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