The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand


This book has alot personal meaning to author (*just read the author notes in the back after you read this*) and me also. I really don't like talking about suicide because it has affected me in ways no one could ever understand. Ty reminds me so much of my brother, It got me crying from the beginning because, this is how we used to act with each other and tease the other. 

No, my brother isn't dead but he has tried to commit suicide three times and it has broken my family apart. He has Bipolar disorder (Google if don't know what it means) and  its sometimes hard deal with somebody whose moods change to disastrously; affects everything around him. The rest of this story is to personal to tell but, 

I can see myself in Lex (funny how my name is Lexus) and she's dealing with the loss of everything around her. How your treated when people find out that your brother did commit suicide and their saying they completely understand. They don't. Your heart just sinks in on itself and you feel yourself just getting pulled into the ground. People do ask you how you are doing personally but, it just doesn't seem to come out.

The last twenty pages of this book had me in a ball crying. Because I have lived that scene where I didn't read a text and that was third time my brother tried to commit suicide. I can feel her pain when she writes it all down and gives Steven her journal to read. I cried (more like sobbed) when he rushed over her to house and cried after reading her journal. My ex was the same way. 

I listened to this song on repeat while reading this book and it even made cry more. But you can feel the feelings coming through the song and book at the same time. It reminds me of Alexis and Steven, especially at the end. MIT and Harvard.

5 stars


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