Faking Normal by Courtney C. Stevens


Something happened to Alexi just before school. Pool party, couples fighting, and she gets raped. I'm so lonely, I'm so sorry. 
Alexi can't remember who had raped her that night, But when she hears key words "You look just like her," or "Will you do it for me?", she remembers who took her into the corner of pool and it was her sister's boyfriend.
She had many things that helped her "forget" what happened to her. Scratching her neck, counting holes in the vent(23), and hiding in her closet. Then Bodee, Brian, Kool-Aid hair, a different flavor each day, who saw his dad kill his mom right front of him. Damaged Goods. Who he did nothing to save his mother but just called 911. 
Characters: Alexi and Kayla both drove me to the wall, each for there own reasons. I know Alexi is facing many things in her life but, I just wish she had more of back bone, didn't break down when trying to tell what "truly happened to her. Kayla however, can forever have stick up you know where for the rest of her life. I think I might be able to diagnose her with Bipolar disorder. Kayla can go on my list of horrible sisters in books.
Bodee(a.k.a Brian, Kool-Aid hair) is a dream come true for Alexi and me. He doesn't really let the death affect to much but, only when he thinks he's acting like his father.He's a incredible boy. 
Peeves: Slut-shaming, why even make this character to only compare her to Alexi who is pure? Like really? And the other was the "God" references. I try not to read any kind of religious books especially in YA. When I read the acknowledgement in the beginning of this I knew there would touches of religion in this. It wasn't in here alot but, when it was, IT WAS. But, whatever I can kinda deal.
4 stars


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