Sweep Volumes 3 & 4 by Cate Tiernan

Sweep: Volume 3  (Sweep, #7-9)        Sweep: Volume 4 (Sweep, #10-12)
VOLUME 3: In a nutshell this one was probably the not most enjoyable to read. It was mostly due to Morgan. I get the point that she has body issues. No curves. Ba-humbug. Their are probably other girls that have boy bodies besides you. 
She also finds out who is her "true" father. Ciaran MacEwan is a Woodbane(go figure) and pure evil. Not surprised since he was the one that killed Maeve Riordan (Morgan's birth mother). I know all kinds of fucked up but oh well. 
2 stars
VOLUME 4: Thank who ever you please that the POV's changed in these books. Morgan is literally driving me up the wall. Seeker follows Hunter, on his journey to find his parents in Canada. He finds out his Ma died two months ago and council knew about it and his Da bat shit crazy and meets a witch who is writing down living things "true names". 
Origin is narrated by Rose, Morgan's great- and more greats probably grandma. They find her BOS (Book of Shadows) and read about her story. It's basically Teen Mom meets The Crucible. How she's the one that created the first dark wave and gave the Woodbanes a bad rap sheet.
Lastly Eclipse point of views are of Alisa and Morgan(ugh). Alisa finds out she's a witch, and the one who's been throwing crap across the rooms and not Morgan (who would've thought?) so yeah another person who doesn't want be a witch! At the end they take away Ciaran's magic. And Morgan's sad and ugh. Hopefully the last books are good (crosses fingers and toes).
3.5 stars


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