Voyager by Diana Gabaldon

Voyager (Outlander, #3)
Since this book was so freakin' long, I'll split up the review by the different parts in the book.
1-300: This part follow Claire in 1968 and Jamie after Culloden and follows them though the twenty some odd years they have been apart. It was little bit boring in the Jamie parts but, around page 300 Claire is going back to stones so she can be with Jamie.
300-600: You could say this was the most drama filled part of the book because, everybody's skeletons come out the f**kin' closet for a meet and greet. It was kinda like a Highland drama meets the Mofia. Claire finds out that Jamie "married" a second wife and has been smuggling in brandy. Real classy Jamie. Didn't appreciate that he called her "bitch". I would've bitch slapped him if I could. Then at the end Young Ian gets kidnapped by pirates. Yep.
600-900: Now this is where the title really comes into play. Their going to the West Indies to rescue Young Ian. Jamie of course gets seasick...Reminds me of Natsu out of the manga Fairy Tail. While there on this journey across the Alantic, they meet a British ship carrying typhoid fever but also the new governor of Jamaica who is Sir John Grey. Yeah that guy that has a crush on our Jamie. Wouldn't mind to see how that action would've played out if Jamie played for his own team.
When they get to Jamaica, Claire finds Gillian Duncan there. Yeah crazy ass voo-doo witch. I don't know what she was trying to do but it involved virgins. Boy ones.   Maybe she was trying to get back to the "present".  But got Fergus got married. Won't say to whom got figure that one out.
900-1059: Now this where everything went really fast. They're trying to make it back to Scotland and we all nothing can go perfect in this Outlander series because Claire goes overboard and of course our white knight in shining armor. Guess where they end up?! The Colonies! The American ones but which one of the thirteen? I won't tell.
This was so so so so good! Can't wait to read Drums of Autumn!!!
5 stars and


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