Until We Fly by Courtney Cole

Until We Fly (Beautifully Broken, #4)
This book had some feels going on that made me judge the very disgusting horrible people we have in this world right now. I can almost read anything (can't do sci-fi, except for a books) but this book almost had me in tears. I have read some sad things in New Adult genre (one author, Sorensen.) but, Mrs. Cole is right up there with her in the sad feels.
Nora: Redhead. Should I say anything else? Yeah, I will but I just have a soft spot for redheads. She is such a strong character to have gone  though what she has. I love that she loves Brand with all her heart and soul. Fluctuat nev Merigtur. 
Brand: Hot, brave, and military man. With a very big...heart! What did you think I was going to say? Well he's all around awesome guy who saved our Nora. Bless him. Iwas so happy that he punched her dad in the face. I wished he had the chance to punch his dad in the face, old mean bastard...
Kinda sad that this is the end of the series. I have truly enjoyed the Beautifully Broken series. I can say it has been one of my New Adult series to read.
4 stars


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