Shallow by Georgia Cates

Shallow (Going Under, #2)
I think this book was more NA than the first one Going Under. Which I didn't mind since the NA genre is one of my favorite genres to read. This book is about Payton, Claire's bff and Nick Hawke, Jedi with sexy-mind tricks to get in girls pants : )
Payton: I love this girl. She is so sassy. She reminds me of Penny off of Big Bang Theory. She tells it how it is and she gets jealous(quite a bit might I say) and doesn't really wait to hear the whole story.
Nick: Mr. Playboy himself and he falls for Payton "Dollface" Archer. He drives fast cars and banged alot chicks until, he met her. 
This book was fool of teen angst and drama which I love in YA/NA contemporary but sometimes it did go to far for me *cough*Samantha and trick baby*cough* but I loved none the less. I'm still kinda confused about how Nick and Payton aren't related. So is Payton's mom related to Nick's mom? Or is it that there husbands are just brothers?
4 stars


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