What's Happening and What's to Come(2014/2015)

Hey, hey, hey! Guess what?! 2015 is just a hop, skip, and face plant away!  This girl can't jump if you were wandering. SO...that means last minute posts of 2014 the great, good, and just intolerable books of this year. Yeah I read a few rotten apples this year.

Next week I'll post a post each day (Dec. 28 - Jan. 3) hopefully I'll still be certifiably sane(probably not) here are is a snip it of them:

  • Favorite Books of 2014
  • Beautiful Covers of 2014
  • Favorite New Authors 
  • Most Anticipated Books of 2015
  • Update on Me!!!
  • What am I Writing about?
  • 2015, the year I get my S**t together!
Well hopefully your looking forward to that roller coaster of craziness if not then just share that nerdy chick is babbling about herself and books and say it was entertaining to read!


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