The Darkest Touch by Gena Showalter

The Darkest Touch (Lords of the Underworld, #11)
Well she tried. I give around of applause for that. After the great reckoning of The Darkest Surrender *shutters* and the books that came after, I thought I had lost all hope for my favorite series by her. This book is better than whatever the hell happened in Kane's book(I don't really care for Kane...)
But, Torin got whipped. Like really hard in this book. It's like common man! You don't see my belov... I mean Strider get panty strangled by Kaia?! Ok he probably does but in the more dirty way. But, Torin! You were all man of steel, then the first chick that you can bang and doesn't die you start jumping through hoops for her.
Now, Keelycael. Aka, Keely, Keys, princess, and the Red Queen. Started off as a B.A.M.F and ended up all mushy like Torin. WHY!? Can't I get anything I want from these books?
The *cough*sex scenes*cough* were there but, at last lackluster. I just want this series to finish up and we better get a book for William the Ever Randy. Or I'll throw a big ass hissy fit.
I'm giving this book 3 stars.


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