If You Leave by Courtney Cole

If You Leave (Beautifully Broken, #2)
My glob this book almost got me crying. And that's watching the series finale of Legend of Korra. Yeah, I am a fluff of emotions right now. Don't ask how I'm handling it either (chocolate. its chocolate).
This book follow Madison( Mila's old sister). and meets Gabriel(hot Army Ramger) in alley way. Yeah, way to start thing off guys... Anyways they get hot and heavy and they were heading home in taxi but they get t-boned. Did I mention Gabe, has PSTD? Yeah like real bad.
Fast forward, they finally make the fireworks go off(if you don't get the pun, you were a very sheltered child) and while there having sexy bliss naps, Gabe gets Maddy in a choke hold. Like hands wrapped around her neck. And it's because of his night terrors. He has horrible nightmares. I have dealt with this also but different circumstances but there horrible. His are more violent than when I used to have them. But, anyways this scare the shit out them and makes Gabe run and hide from Maddy.
Gabe is trying to get fixed when something terrible happens in Maddy's life. I won't spoiler anymore but, it gets kinda tense in the last hundred pages. Ge your big girl panties on and have a safe ride!
I love the Beautiful Broken series so this one gets: 5 stars!!!


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