Before We Fall by Courtney Cole

Before We Fall (Beautifully Broken, #3)
Where oh where can I start? I addicted to the Beautifully Broken Series. Like seriously. I'm very tempted into buying Until We Fly. Like physically I need these books to make me feel the feels. I love how get Abbi Glines hot-smexy times and Jessica Sorensen deep punch you in the heart sadness from these books.
Onto the book itself, I loved it. Read it in a few short hours, couldn't put it down, and then cried on the inside when I read one of the saddest scenes I have EVER read in a NA book. That's including You Were Mine scene in Mrs. Glines book. That made teary eyed.
This contains Jacey(my home girl) and Dominic(Hot-Sexy Issues). Don't want dive in to much or it will just ruin the book for you but, Dom, lets call him Dom, likes *cough* voyager-ism and BDSM *cough* Wiki those if never ever heard of thos terms or just read Fifty Shade of Grey *shivers* ugh...
I do recommend this series to those who love NA and are not soft at heart about some touchy issues. I hope you know what "touchy" implies and not just because these characters can't control themselves around each other *cough* Maddy and Gabe *cough* but some of these issues might make you cry.
I of course gave thi book: 5 stars. 


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