The Beauty Series by Georgia Cates

The Beauty Series Bundle: Beauty from Pain; Beauty from Surrender; Beauty from Love
I know from the titles you would think this series contains BDSM and doesn't just to let you know.

1. Beauty from Pain: This is the first book in the series and it was okay. We meet Laurelyn Prescott who goes to Australia for Christmas break. She trying to get over a previous "breakup". Jack McLachlan is millionaire vineyard owner who doesn't stay in relationship for very long because he doesn't want them to know he's a millionaire. So, when he and Laurelyn meet they agree to a three month relationship of fuckery with no strings. 
But guess what? They start getting the feels for each other. And when it comes down to Laurelyn return back to America and Jack doesn't  really show his true feelings (but he does love Laurelyn) she leaves heartbroken. 
My Reaction: I liked both of these characters. They both head strong and not willing to put up with bullshit (I think they're Capricorns, since both there B-Days are in Jan.). I like Laurelyn better than Jack. Because of the simple thing of her making her choice and staying with it. Jack is starting to have truly lovely deeply feelings for her but can't really say it. Quit dragging girl around! But for this book I give it: 3 stars.

2. Beauty from Surrender: Laurelyn returns to Nashville to get her career started up and is heartbroken for what happened 3 months ago. Jack has been looking for her for 3 months(because he didn't get her last name) and he's like chicken with it's head cut off. But when they do meet up again it isn't joyful one. Laurelyn has finally reached country music stardom and Jack wants her to with him. But Laurelyn doesn't want to quit what she finally wanted. 
There are somethings that do come into this story that get me a little "Hulky". Her mom being a complete asshat. And Blake Phillips being a total creeper. Ugh!
My Reaction: I really feel like this is just a filler for what happens in book 3. I'm glad Laurelyn got what she wanted, I just wish she pushed for more and not just quit after Christmas break. Because that was her dream until she met Jack. Jack kinda acted like jackass. He finally found the woman of his dreams and just wants to keep her in cage in Australia. Laurelyn mom, Jolie, I just wanted to choke. There's something Jack and I agree on. Total-heartless bitch and she only wants what will make her happy and not Laurelyn. I dislike so much useless parents. I give this book: 3 stars.

3. Beauty from Love: This starts off with at there honeymoon and everything is going well and swell until they go back home.His dark "secrets" pop their crazy ass heads up and shit hits the fan. Laurelyn doesn't want to deal it.  Jack trying to protect her and is insisting on making babies(because he isn't getting younger, he's 31) and she's reversed because of what happened with childhood. But she wants to make Jack happy.
My Reaction: Probably my favorite book in the series and the most feels of any of them. I really didn't enjoy Jack pressuring Laurelyn into having mini Jacks. It's like common Jack, you didn't deal with crappy parents and feel like you were going to be just like them .  The name they gave their baby girl I didn't love. Maggie James?!? I like the James part but, Maggie...Ugh... Anyways I'm happy with how this series ended and I give this book: 3.5 stars.


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