Tamed by K.A. Robinson

Sorry it took me so long to get this bad boy up but, Thanksgiving, college, and work get in the way sometimes. If I had to rank the Torn series I would give this one 4th place.
I really didn't appreciate how Adam treated Amber through out most of the book. He's not one of favorite characters at all. He might go on a list that do about post soon. But don't let Adam and attitude deter you from reading this series. It wonderful awesome sauce. 
Because I truly don't like writing bad review on any of my favorite authors books; but I also want to be honest with readers and how I felt while reading this book.  I can say all the way Mrs. Robinson is my top 10 of favorite NA authors. I always buy her books. No exceptions.
Getting back to review, I enjoyed the chemistry between Amber and Adam. They are like firework stand in a forest fire. They just set each other off and sparks fly. 
The ending in this book was lovely. Adam finally got is head out the sand and we got ourselves a little surprise. You got to read the series then you'll know what I meant.
I'm giving this book: 4 stars and place on my Favorite Covers of 2014.


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