Sweep Volumes 1 & 2 by Cate Tiernan

Sweep: Volume 1 (Sweep, #1-3) Sweep: Volume 2  (Sweep, #4-6)
I thought I would re-read this series for Halloween. This how I found out what a great author Mrs. Tiernan is. She gives so many details and in-depth look into her characters. This is the only witch series that I'll read (besides The Beauchamp Family Series by Melissa de la Cruz). 
 This series follows Morgan Rowlands(your kinda typical smart girl who has some body issues). Then she meets Cal Blaire (who is witch). The first volume follows her journey of becoming and finding out some big secrets she never new about (spoiler: some family drama and cat fights).
Volume 2, follows up where 1 left off. Morgan now realizes she's a blood witch (meaning both of her parents were witches) and she is in more in love with Cal than she could ever be. Until some you know what hits the fan. That's all I'm gonna say about those books.
Now on to chracters. Morgan has grown as a character through these six books from: shy and timid, gullible and follow the leader, to finally pulling her head out of the sand. My favorite English gentleman, Hunter can do any kinda spell on me when he wants to.
I gave the first volume 4 stars and second 3 stars.  


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