If You Stay by Courtney Cole

If You Stay (Beautifully Broken, #1)
Found me a new favorite NA author. That is a title I give out willy-nilly either I only have like 4 or 5? But their a favorite of mine for a reasons. 
The Reasons: This book has to NA. Can't be YA with some steamy scenes but "NONE" of the description. Like this "I could feel the connection of us. Like we were one". No that's not it but this from If You Stay sure is: Light explodes behinnd my eyelids because she feels so fucking good. So wet, so fucking tight. I could die right here and never regret a thing. Now that ladies(and the men who read NA) is NA! 
Reasons 2: The NA book has to give me the feels like Mrs. Sorensen books do. And this book is right next to her books. WARNING! This chapter you might want to grab some tissues. Here's a little tidbit from Chapter 20: Then he says, 'You're the one who killed her. They'll take you away, too, you know. And bad men in prison do bad things to little boys who killed their mothers. They'll hurt you over and over, every day.'"  My heart literally squeezed so tight while reading this chapter. It hurt to read this chapter.
Mrs. Cole did wonderful by this book. It had everything I wanted and more. Now I just have to go buy the rest of this series. I'm giving this book: 5 stars and a spot on my favorite books of 2014.


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