The Destiny of Violet & Luke by Jessica Sorensen

The Destiny of Violet & Luke (The Coincidence, #3)
Reasons why I read Mrs. Sorensen books: THE FEELS, tough to get down topics, and no insta-love.
THE FEELS in this book were there, especially those first twenty five pages. My heart just squeezed when I read those sad scenes, specifically Luke's. My heart : (. Oh how feel for this boy... Violet's POV is also sad but, not as sad(to me). 
Mrs. Sorensen talks about things in the NA genre you usually do see but, she gives them her own touch. Mostly I see female POV's in NA have usually been affected by sexual assault or other horrible things and the author usually says who did it. But in Mrs. Sorensen case, she leaves you guessing till the end. Take Violet's parents killers. We  find out who was a accomplice(Luke's mom). Yeah. SURPRISE!!! I almost coronary when read that part. 
And now the best part about Mrs. Sorensen books. NO F**KING INSTA-LOVE! I love it! I felt the tension between Violet and Luke through the pages! It took almost teeth pulling for them to be together which I'm happy about!
I'm giving this book:4 stars. You're probably wandering "Why Lexus, why only 4 stars?" I really liked it but didn't love it. Maybe the second book about them will pull me in!


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