In a Handful of Dust by Mindy McGinnis

In a Handful of Dust (Not a Drop to Drink, #2)
This was one of my most in-dissipated books of 2014. After reading the first Not a Drop to Drink, I thought it would be stand lone because, it end so well(the feels) and there was no cliffhangers. But, I heard the through the grape vine that Harper Collins wanted another one(why can't there just be stand  lone) but I still loved none the less.
It takes place 10 years in the future(WOWZA!) and guess what? POLIO! Yeah that wonderful spendable disease strikes and it's not kind or gives two f**ks about anybody. It was duck, duck,  goose. Except you got it, you got it, and death. I know that's not funny but, that's how I saw it. Well to shorten it up some, Lucy and Lynn get booted out of the tribe. Lucy, because she "might" be "one" of the carriers of polio. Lynn, because she "might" have slept with someone's husband(I'm still guessing). 
They're going to CAL-I-FOR-NI-A!!! Along the way they meet a: Snitch, a family in NE, hot older guy(I think he's hot), and off topic, Lynn get's a nose bleed.
High altitude is Lynn kryptonite. Only if she could shoot it in the face...hmmph. 
I'm not big on traveling  in books but, in this one it's great fabulous fun, unless you meet the creepy ass people in Sin City.*shiver* reading that part book gave me goose-flesh. I almost barfed when I read that one part. Here's a tease(YOU WERE WARNED!!!) Sunlight and dead human bodies and mirrors. Guess what you get Evaporated dead human water. Yeah. *heaves*
 Then on the yellow brick road (there is no yellow brick road) they find Sand City. 
That ending thou...The Feels. I sniffled and felt the pricks of tears in the back of my eyes. I loved this book. If you haven't read this series, you need to. In the Top 5 best dystopians I have ever read. So go read it now and come back chat about how we all ship Lynn and her gun.
I give this book: 5 STARS


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