World of Hetar by Beatrice Small

LaraA Distant TomorrowThe Twilight Lord
The Sorceress of BelmairThe Shadow QueenCrown of Destiny
Have to say this has to be my favorite series from Mrs. Small. There was never a slow moment in any of the books and kept my interest till the end. Here are some of my favorite parts of the books:
  • Kaliq(#1 hot fantasy man!!!)
  • Lara(B.A.M.F)
  • Storytelling(do I have to explain)
  • High-fantasy aspect of the whole entire series
  • Book 4(Loved the change up)
  • and lastly Larliq or Kara or whatever call this books one true OTP. 
Some things that i didn't really enjoy but expected:
  • Somewhat incestuous coitus : P
  • Unknowingly getting raped (I'll explain)
  • Sexism
  • THE MEN! >:P
  • mortals
I'm not going over the whole plot of World of Hetar. No way, to much info, so go read the books and come back and we can chat!
Lets start with the things I didn't enjoy. The incest. Ugh... Creeps me out. I know they were distant cousins but still and Kolgrim getting it on with his half sister (barf). Couldn't read the scenes where she and him were...ugh...Now on to the unknowingly getting raped. In the Twilight Lord(I'm just picturing Edward with a whip, I can't help myself) Lara gets kidnapped by Kol. He takes way her memories so she doesn't know she is a faerie. (Some background-faeries can't pregnant or impregnate with someone they don't love) Lara "thinking" she loves Kol gets pregnant. The sexism I expected in this book series. High-fantasy meets historical. So females basically have no rights. The men in this series thou..,The Douches of Hetar and Terah, Numero Uno goes to Gaius, what shitface. Jonah is between Kol and Lara's descendants. Yes her descendants being mortal dumber that box of rocks called Steve. After her mortal children die, the World of Hetar seems to go back to the "Dark Days" where magic is a no-no.
Favorite book goes to: The Sorceress of Belmair. I loved the change up and I can't help but love Dillon and Cirillo. Them boys be hot!
The ending of the series was funny and cute. Lara and Kaliq find there perfect planet and guess what she names it? EARTH. Now that I think about it Hetar and Terah are just jumbled letters that can make the word: EARTH.
I give this series: 


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