If I Stay & Where She Went by Gayle Forman


One of my favorite duet's of all time. Nothing like a good contemporary to get me out of my Outlander slump. If I Stay is the first book in the duet and, its told in the POV of Mia. If you haven't read this book( it came out 2009, how have you not read it) then read the book, watch the movie( it was so good!!!), and let's all talk about that ending. That ending thou...Dang. I feel so sad for Adam. The vow he gave Mia was heart fluttering sadness in a bowl of Ben&Jerry's. In the movie(I almost cried because of Gramps. How can you not cry along with crying grandpa?) this scene pulled my heart strings. Now on to Where She Went. Damn...this book had the major feels too. One page though where Mia says she hated Adam for making her stay...I had to put down the book, I was crying like no other. I expected them to go their separate ways. Didn't expect them to come back together at all. I give this duet over all:


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