I Want It That Way by Ann Aguirre

I Want It That Way (2B Trilogy #1)
Oh sweet babies, this was good! I can't use any adjectives to define this book. It was sexy, smart, and made your heart gooshie at times. (Plus she dedicated this book to Leigh Bardugo. Yes, LEIGH AMAZING WONDERFULNESS BARDUGO!!!) Nadia is in the top 10 of favorite NA female POV's. She is not a whiny, she isn't embarrassed by her sexuality(or how she likes it), and determined. This is what I wish for in NA female POV's. No sorry for herself virgin or submissiveness. I loved how she didn't get pissy or mad when Lauren decided to go back home and knowing it was better for her friend and didn't pester her about her decision. 
Now that I have gushed over my woman crush, let's go on to Ty. I love love love how the author kinda did roll reversal on Nadia and Ty. Ty isn't perfect but, that is what I love about him and Nadia. They seemed to work it out like a normal couple would. Plus he's know as "The Hot Ginger" I'm all over that like chocolate chessecake.
I'm not going to spoil any more so, I'm giving this a spot on my Fave Books of 2014, Fave Covers of 2014 ,and:


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