Don't Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Don't Look Back
First off, I did judge this book by the book cover and synopsis. I didn't see how the cover tied in with the synopsis and the synopsis was lack luster on its own part. I'm not really big fan of mystery thriller books. I find them plainly obviously and don't have me turning the pages quick enough. But this one however, was not dull or boring and it took me awhile to who the killer was. 
The killer is...HER DAD!!! I started to figure that out when he got all jittery and tried not to envolve the police in Sam's personal business. I thought it was because he and Cassie did the deed and she was pregnant. But she's his daughter. SURPRISE! I didn't expect that. I started to think it had to be Del, so I put her Dad on the back burner.
I enjoyed Carson. Not your original cookie cutter bad boy. At a time in this book it switched to thinking maybe Carson was the killer. That would've been a bazinga! 
Overall I give this book:


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