Finding It by Cora Carmack

This book was fun and just what I needed to get over my high-fantasy and Outlander reading slump. The story follows Kelsey(she's from Losing It and is Bliss's BFF) and she's traveling around Europe to find what she is looking for. She meets Jackson at a bar in Budapest. They hit it off(meaning someone ruffied Kelsey drink and ends in a hot make-out session). After that, Jackson ask's her if she wants to spend 7 days with him and then he'll kiss her. They go from Prague to Milan. Then they finally make "lurve". They find a nude beach and after playing from behind the rocks, Kelsey notices there is alot of voice mails in Jackson's phone. One night she listens to one of the messages and finds out its her father who hired Jackson to keep an eye on her. As you can find out on your own, Kelsey was P.O. and hiked it to Madrid. Kelsey starts teaching English and her favorite student Carlos, give her letter he received from Jackson that tells her to meet. And you know how it ends. Happily Ever After. Overall, I give this book 3.5 stars, for a fast spaced and typical NA novel.


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