Perfect Ruin by Lauren DeStefano

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Look at these covers! They're so gorgeous! Lefty has beautiful inside pages. This book was gorgeously written and the utopian society that is describe is "perfect and orderly" till people want to go the ground. Internment is a floating city. It's like Castle in the Sky, dystopian, and flapper era. I thought there was going to be a love triangle. I have been over love triangles since Twilight. But no, our OTP Morgan and Basil are in love. Basil is possibly the best YA boyfriend of all time. Never questions anything Morgan does, just puts his trust in her so, she know the he will always protect her. Next fan-girling moment goes to the world building. I could actually see what the world looked like. How she describes is there wasn't clock tower she couldn't see the city at all. Loved the premises of how "perfect" Interment was and how we were slowly shown all these cracks in the glass that shows how truly corrupt it truly is. I give this book:


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