The Essence by Kimberly Derting

This cover is gorgeous! I love how there is no girl in a dress her face looking down holding a flower. This cover is no cookie-cutter. The story take off a month later where Charlie (I'm not going to try spell her first name...emm-emm) She put in a law where everybody speaks same language and equal rights and stuff. But some people don't like that and are trying to murder her. She has the old hags essence in her (a.k.a Ex-Queen Sabara) so she's kinda going crazy. Fast forward she goes to this queen's summit, where all the queens party. She accidentally kills one! Anyways she getting assassinated again so they all ass to Max's old family house. People try to murder her again, she kills Brook's father, and everybody finds out old hag is in her there like "CAN'T TOUCH THAT". Do think it's weird when Charlie and Max are in a "heavy" petting session and his grandma can see it???!!! Anyways I give this book  STARS For not having *B2S.

*Book Two Syndrome- may or may not contains: Lack of plot, brain fart moments, fillers of other characters, wandering what your readin, and enter second female/male love interest. 


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