Top 10's~Underrated YA Books

My list that "I" think are underrated YA books. There no certain order.

1.  Violet Eden Chapters-Embrace #1
This series is about Angels (there was that big thing after the Twilight Saga, the Angel Phase I like to call it, where after all the vampire genre was done did, they went on to the next best thing.) This series originally  hails from Australia so publishing it here is like year behind. I was very close to going to down under to get me the books!!! The last book Empower comes out on May 6th like The One!!!

2.Courier's Daughter- Defiance #1
It's dystopian (I didn't figure that out till book 2) and fantasy. It has one of my weaknesses:REDHEAD! I can't help loving redhead protagonist's!!!Some people like this series other's don't but, hater be haters and I be lovin' this series. Deliverance the third and last book comes out on August 26. That's just to damn long...

3.3236307Graceling Realm-Graceling#1
High fantasy and awesome sauce. Seriously. This book and the others that follow are so amazing. Heterochromia has never been so cool, unless your in this book then not...You should be reading them. RIGHT NOW!!! It goes (but you don't really have to read them order, but I recommend to)Graceling, Fire, and Bitterblue.

4. 13505655Lovely, Dark, and Deep
This book goes up there with my favorite books of time. That saying something since The Book Thief is up there to. First of all the TITLE. Lovely, Dark, and Deep comes from my favorite Robert Frost poem-Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening. Also this book hits the FEELS really HARD. There is also some surprises you really don't see. This a stand alone novel and it's contemporary. 

5. 10368172Birthmarked Series- Bithmarked #1
This series is one my favorite dystopians. Original in it's own way and how it's kinda scary how real some of this could be in our possible future. Marking babies and sending them off is kinda of the premise of the first book. The books in order go: Birthmarked, Prized, and Promised.

6. 6316171 Hate List
I could have chosen any of her other books but, I chose this one since it's the first one I read. If you like Laurie Halse Anderson (which this girl does) you will like this book. There is two types of contemporaries:Rom-Com and The Feels. This one is on The Feels It is kinda on  the touchy side, making you think about life and other things but, don't fear!

7.18812101The Giver Quartet-Giver #1
I think this is the mother of all Dystopian books. This book was published in 1994 and The Hunger Games was next to follow that didn't happen till 2008, 14 years between those two and which one do you think people pick up first? I remember reading this in Literature class in 6th grade. I think we read two of her books also, Number the Stars is also a great book. The books in this quartet (I didn't even know there was more books after this!): The Giver, Gathering Blue, Messenger, and Son.

8.2820533Touch-Deadly Little Secret #1
Contemporary/Mystery/Paranormal yeah...yeah but it's a really good series. It follows a girl named Camelia who almost gets ran over, meets hot guy, and he's get away. She can kinda get glimpses of the future through making  pottery. This really is a good series once you get passed the somewhat Twilight-scenes...The order of the books go:Deadly Little Secret, Deadly Little Lies, Deadly Little Games, Deadly Little Voices, and Deadly Little Lessons.

9.13547189The Pledge- The Pledge #1
Dystopian series, which I think is one the most underrated. The world is where you can only speak your language. You can't speak the different language of another class or getting some jail time. But, Charlaina (a.k.a. Charlie, I think she gets the name from Charlemagne) can understand what everyone else can, so she's basically mutilingual. I've only read the first one (didn't think this was going to be a series) it goes: The Pledge, The Essence, and The Offering.

10. 389535Breathing Underwater- Breathing Underwater#1
Yes, this book is from the author who wrote Beastly. But this book is amazing in it's own way. Like for the Hate List, if you like LHA you'll like this book. This book is about pretty boy Nick who fears his father. He doesn't want to be him but, he realizes he is becoming him. This book touches The Feels very deeply, so be warned. The companion to this is Diva(don't worry title does kinda throw you off, but it's still good.)


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