The Ring & The Crown


Look at this cccooovvveeerrr!!! It's so gorgeous. So far 2014 has been having some pretty covers. Here's my review of the book: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS BEWARE!!!
This book reminded me of Cinders & Sapphires by Leila Rasheed. Which is also a good but it didn't reach it's prime life this book. The Ring & The Crown kept me highly entertained with social gossip ans what was going to happen. But at the end that's when shit hit the fan and then another fan, because after Prince Leo got shot and thank who ever you believe in because he was complete d-bag. Here's the down low what happen next: M-V came back sayin' someone going the castle all the way  Timbuktu, Louis-Philippe dies (I really liked the kid, even with the weird incest thing), Isabelle is pregnant and crazy, Wolf doesn't marry Ronan but, M-V(really didn't like that), and my favorite character Aelwyn hardly got any face time. Over all I give this book 3.5 stars because the ending kinda sucked.


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