The Inventor's Secret by Andrea Cremer

This review contains SPOILERS!!!You have been warned!!!
This book good. I like her Nightshade series better but, you can really tell she majored in history by just reading the first few pages. I love it when a an author shows what they truly love when yo notice all the little details in the book. It follows Charlotte, 16 and head strong who lives in the U.S. were we didn't win the Revolutionary War. She meets Grave by accident. She takes him back to the Catacombs to meet the young troops of the Rebellion (like that one of ATLA wear Aang and Katara meet Jet they go back to his place). Won't say anymore or that spoiler more of the book but, to some up the story with a few sneak peeks: Dragonfly, Floating City, Balls & Gowns, Winter, Bromley, and New Orleans. I give this book 4 stars making this a fast interesting read.


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