TBR- To Be Read "Hopefully"

                                     To Be Read "Hopefully"

Well here is my list to be read!!! 
  1. The Giver-Lowry 
  2. The Mortal Instruments*-Clare
  3. Mara Dyer Trilogy- Hopkins
 *Wait before you start gasping at me! I have read some of the TMI series, but I got to read them again. I haven't read TID series though. But I hear William Herondale is all that!!! Yes, I haven't finished the Delirium Trilogy yet either. I hang my head in shame!!! But I'm going on a Book Buying Ban this April, so no more adding to my TBR! I plan to read at least 8-9 of these books! Wish me luck!!!
UPDATE 5/6/2014- I have added on to this list... I'm seriously not going to buy anymore books I promise!!! That I don't need until I shorten this pile by more than half.
UPDATE 5/15/2014-There is going to be a order how these books are going to be read... As of right now I'm reading Insurgent by Mrs.Roth so, I'm going to be reading Allegiant sometime this week hopefully...
UPDATE 5/21/2014-I'm almost down to 10 books!!! Yeah, happy dance!!! I think I'm really going to fly through the next 5 books.
UPDATE 5/24/2014- So I kinda bought the whole Rosemary Beach series by Mrs.Glines so, that adds on like six books but, I'll probably get those done in three days!
UPDATE 6/5/2014- So I bought more books...no surprise there! So I'm over 10 books again I need to finish...
UPDATE 6/15/2014- Finished all my NA books I needed to read.
UPDATE 6/19/2014- Okay, forget what I said above...I forgot about my Amazon order...
UPDATE 6/25/2014- I'm under the 10 books mark! Yes, I know there are six books in TMI series, 4 in Oliver's(counting the novella book), and 3 in TID series. Don't rain on my parade...
UPDATE 6/28/2014- Okay, I switched up the reading order a little, Mara Dyer Trilogy gonna be last since third book isn't out yet...and TMI series I'm gonna try to get all those in hardcover...#2 and #3 last books are being shipped as I'm typing and posting and blogging...
UPDATE 7/27/2014- Its almost been a month since I last updated but, I finished Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy and only got 2 in TID Trilogy to read!!!!
UPDATE 9/7/2014- It has been a month and I haven't updated this at all! Well first off won't be reading the TMI series quite yet...Probably won't own that series so...on with the point I won't strictly follow this TBR, because I'm just going with the follow and my life is getting busy now because of this blog! So just keep on following the blog and Twitter.


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