Spring Anime of 2014

I'm a big anime fan. I love rom-con to Fairy Tail. This spring season of anime started off with a kicker which is the rebooting of Fairy Tail 2014. If you're a dedicated fan this series you waited 13 long months for it to come back. It did not disappoint in the least. The visualization in this anime was kicked up a notch and it looked completely amazing. Which I followed up with Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou. I was really cute, it's about turning over new left in high school and he wants to date a serious girl. Today I watched: Nisekoi (which I'm still watching it's 20 episodes and it's a rom-con slash the mob), Mahouka KouKou no Rettousei (magic school and I think SPOILER ALERT it might involve sibling complex or something???), Kiniro no Corda: Blue Sky( it's a spin off La Corda d'Oro), and Soredemo Sekai was Utsukushii (princess marrying a king and he's completely different from what she thought). I recomended watching all of these animes they are wonderful!!! 


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