Promise of Shadows by Justina Ireland

First of all around of applause for this cover *claps and cheers*. This book was basically a cover buy and maybe because it there would be harpies in here. I love harpies, Kaia is female book crush who is a kick ass chica and happens to be the lover of my man book crush for the rest of time, Strider. This book had me wanting more, but it did have it's points like, no insta-love, gave some background into this world, and some surprises I didn't see coming. Like who Tallon father is and that Blue is SPOILER ALERT homosexual, I didn't know that until Tallon said "Oh, Blue got Jimmy's phone number so they could meet up again" and that's when it all started clicking how could I not figure that out??? I give this book 4 stars and a spot in my Beautiful covers 2014 edition.


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