Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken

First of all, this book is getting some applause for no SBS "Second Book Syndrome". Alexandra Bracken made me laugh, have some major feels, and over feel great that this book took a different path than what I expected. I thought The Darkest Minds was great but this is glittery kittens riding on unicorns while sliding down a skittle rainbow awesome. I official want to be Vida, she is such a B.A.M.F and if you don't know what that means look at the spoiler SPOILER ALERT Bad Ass Mother Fucker She is probably in my Top 10 favorite Chicks in YA. I should probably make a lift for it. The thing that made really sad and almost made teary eyed is when   SPOILER ALERTwhen Jude was found dead. That scene made my heart clinch up so bad and when Liam told Ruby how much he loved her and he didn't know why. My quote is "I feel like...I feel like I'm losing my damn mind, like your face has been carved into my heart, and I don't remember when, and I don't understand why, but the scar is there, and I can't make it fade. And you won't even look at me" Chapter Twenty Four is a killer just sayin'. I give this book 5 stars and a spot on fav books of 2014.


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