Faking It by Cora Carmack

* One thing about this cover first-The lady on the cover looks like she's in her thirty's not early twenty's so somebody did a big f**king oops with this cover.

This book was so good!!! I so love Max, she such a B.A.M.F. I'm a sucker for a redhead female protagonist in a book, especially IN NA or YA genre. SPOILER ALERT But she naturally a blonde, but in the end she has lavender hair, which of course I love. This book involves Cade, if haven't read Losing It, get reading the book and stop reading this review. He's in the dumps because he got put in the friend zone, poor hot sexy Cade... Anyways he meets Mackenzie "Max" in weird circumstance and they're "dating". I'm not going to spoil anymore but as I did in my last review here are some snip-its that won't spoil to much: Trestle, Mexican tequila, Rilo Kiley, Thanksgiving, Oklahoma, and saying "I love you". I give this book 5 stars for having a awesome protagonist. 


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