Darkest Days Tour

So, Epic Reads has these tours called Darkest Days, and they have awesome YA authors on them. Well on Tea Time ->https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txIZe-xr4dk it's an awesome YouTube page, so you should like and subscribe!!! They announced where the tour was  being held.

Irving, Texas – The Irving Public Library
May 6th @ 7PM
Edmond, OK – Best of Books
May 7th @ 6:30PM
Kansas City, MO – B&N, Zona Rosa
May 8th @ 7PM
St. Louis, MO – Left Bank Books
May 9th @ 7PM
Chicago, IL – Anderson’s Bookshop
May 10th @ 2PM

I started freaking out when I saw the location that is highlighted is at!!! I was like "That is a three hour drive but I can do that" because honey, Kiera Cass is on that tour, and no way in hell am I missing that. So I'm saving my money and hauling my ass down there with my copy of The One by her. Have you seen the cover?!


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