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Aria Cole, Stepbrother Anonymous


“Oh, I see what’s going on here.” He patted my ass cheek. “You’re only spontaneous with a little Scotch in your system.” He winked. “What?” I narrowed my eyes. “No, I’m just cautious.” “Boring.” He arched an eyebrow. “I prefer to think before I act.” “Predictable.” My cheeks flamed with anger. “And I don’t normally fuck strangers.” His eyebrows shot up, that word eliciting the shock from him I’d wanted. “But…” His fingers slid between the cheeks of my ass, hovering so close I was preparing myself for his intrusion. “Best fuck of your life, right?” My mouth popped open just as his finger made contact with the little rosebud of my ass, swirling and stretching until the tip was breaching me. “Oh God.” He didn’t reply, only worked his finger against my asshole, sinking it a little deeper before I was full and overtaken by need, completely aching and desperate for more. Desperate for anything. “I dare you to tell me it wasn’t the best, Skylar.” His other hand was working at the wet flesh of …

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